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Derivation of Embryonic Stem Cell Lines from Mutant Mouse Lines

The CMGM provides derivation of embryonic stem cell lines from mutant mouse lines.

We have successfully derived embryonic stem cell lines from 129SVEV, 129SVEV X C57BL/6 F1 hybrid blastocycts and other mutant mouse lines.

Investigators who have mice ready should contact the CMGM. Two to four stud males between six weeks and eight months old and four to eight four-week old females are needed.

If the mice are housed outside the CMGM mouse colony, the female egg donors will be superovulated and mated with the studs by the users. The GTTF will provide hormones and detail schedule and instruction for superovulation. The CMGM will collect blastocycts and start derivation of stem cell lines.

We guarantee at least two cell lines derived. Three vials of stem cells with passage number lower than P7 will be provided for each line.