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Generation of Chimeras through Stem Cell <-> Embryo Aggregation

  • Please submit a completed Aggregation Request Form.
  • A fee for one stem cell line aggregation includes pre-aggregation stem cell culture, aggregation and housing chimeric pups until three weeks old.
  • 200 embryos will be aggregated for one line.
  • Investigators can also choose to do two to three stem cell lines in one aggregation day using 60 to 100 embryos for each line.
  • For the stem cell clones generated in the CMGM, we routinely do two to three lines in one aggregation. We guarantee germline transmission.  For constructs generated elsewhere, we cannot guarantee germline transmission.
  • For stem cell lines grown at other facilities or labs, pathogen testing is required and should be paid by user. We cannot guarantee germline transmission.
  • Fees for Aggregation

Timeline for aggregation:

Request Submitted Aggregation Pups born Pups weaned Mate to test germline transmission Pups born
3 to 4 weeks - order mice, superovulation, stem cell culture 3 weeks - pregnancy 3 weeks 5 weeks 4 to 6 weeks