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Germline Testing of Chimeras

The CMGM will mate up to six chimeras per construct, up to three chimeras per ES cell line.  Each chimera will be mated to a CD-1 female to test for germline transmission by coat color as well as to either a FLP or CRE female (depending on construct design) to remove the neo cassette.

The CMGM will develop PCR primers and PCR conditions for F1 genotyping. For subtle mutation and knock-in constructs at least two F1 mice will be sequenced.

The fee for germline testing covers any mice (CD-1, FLP, Cre or C57BL/6) used for matings, developing a PCR genotyping method and genotyping of all F1 mice. The fee does not include per diem costs charged by the Animal Care Facility, mouse colony management costs charged by the CMGM or shipping costs.